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Cleaning and Maintenance of

Level Two Inspection


Wood Stove

Oil Flues

Chimney Blockage Removal
Keeping your chimney free from blockages, such as nests, will reduce risks such as fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and toxic fumes.

Chimney Cap Sales
If you are looking to give you chimney a new look, Chimney Elves Clean Sweep can sell and install your new chimney cap.

Level Two Inspections
A Level 2 inspection is required when any changes are made to the system. Changes can include a change in the fuel type, changes to the shape of, or material in, the flue (i.e. relining), or the replacement or addition of an appliance of a dissimilar type, input rating or efficiency. Additionally, a Level 2 inspection is required upon the sale or transfer of a property or after an operation malfunction or external event that is likely to have caused damage to the chimney. Building fires, chimney fires, seismic events as well as weather events are all indicators that this level of inspection is warranted.

There are no specialty tools (i.e. demolition equipment) required to open doors, panels or coverings in performing a Level 2 inspection. A Level 2 inspection may also include a visual inspection by video scanning or other means in order to examine the internal surfaces and joints of all flue liners incorporated within the chimney. No removal or destruction of permanently attached portions of the chimney or building structure or finish shall be required by a Level 2 inspection.