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About Chimney Elves

Chimney Elves is the premier provider of quality, professional, chimney services in New Jersey. We are dedicated to providing every homeowner with the finest, most cost effective chimney cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. A full-service, family owned and operated company, Chimney Elves makes customer satisfaction our top priority, every day, for every project.

We provide chimney inspections free of charge with every chimney cleaning. From chimney inspections to chimney cleaning; as well as chimney cap sales and service, and crown wash repair, Chimney Elves is the right choice for you. Professional, prompt and reliable, we provide chimney services like no other.

Services We Provide

Level Two Inspections ∙ Chimney Cap Sales

Chimney Blockage Removal ∙ Fireplaces

Wood stoves ∙ Oil Flues

Chimney Relining


Chimney Sweeping

Professional chimney cleaning is necessary to protect your chimney, your house and your family from fires. Chimney cleaning removes dangerous buildups of highly flammable creosote ensuring that smoke, vapor and gases face no obstruction as they are vented efficiently from your house.

Chimney Elves recommends regular cleaning to maintain your family safety and peace of mind.

Chimney Relining

Once even a small crack has developed in a flue, chimney relining becomes necessary. All it takes is one tiny breach in a chimney flue for heat to reach combustibles and for hazardous fumes to enter the home.


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